Project Updates

There’s a lot we need to do before we can reopen Ipswich Museum, from packing the tiniest objects to moving a mammoth, working with architects, designers, conservators, and builders, community engagement, storytelling and event planning, and much more besides.

As work on the redevelopment of Ipswich Museum progresses, we’ll be sharing news about what’s happening right here.

3 November 2023

Council invites tenders for the next phase of Museum Redevelopment

Ipswich Borough Council is pleased to announce the start of the tendering process for the highly anticipated museum redevelopment project. Marking a significant milestone in the Council’s efforts to revitalise and transform the museum into a world-class cultural hub.  The redevelopment project, which will encompass extensive renovations, expansion, and the introduction of innovative exhibits, aims […]

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Get Involved

There will be lots of opportunities to get involved with the Ipswich Museum redevelopment project throughout the process.

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