Project Updates

There’s a lot we need to do before we can reopen Ipswich Museum, from packing the tiniest objects to moving a mammoth, working with architects, designers, conservators, and builders, community engagement, storytelling and event planning, and much more besides.

As work on the redevelopment of Ipswich Museum progresses, we’ll be sharing news about what’s happening right here.

26 October 2023

Uncovering the museum’s past: The story of Rosie the Rhino.

The Story of Rosie the Rhino, by Caleb Howgego Rosie the Rhino has been a much-loved feature of Ipswich Museum since she arrived in 1907. The exact details of why and how she entered the museum collections are not completely clear, but according to Ipswich Museum’s accession register the mount came from the then British […]

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1 September 2023

Caring for our collections: Packing the model of HMS Caroline.

His Majesty’s Ship Caroline was built by Randall at Rotherhithe and launched in 1795, then broken up at Deptford, September 1815. In 1802, the ship was put under the command of Benjamin William Page, a Royal Navy admiral who lived in Ipswich. The model in Ipswich Museum’s collection is exceptionally important, as it was owned […]

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12 July 2023

Caring for our collections: Packing Ipswich Museum’s Anglo-Saxon objects from Sutton Hoo.

Gold, iron, brass and glass – “gold, isern, bræs and glæs”*Packing Ipswich Museum’s Anglo-Saxon objects from Sutton Hoo.By Tim Rousham. Not counting a year at Colchester Castle as part of the Museum Traineeship program, I have worked for the museum service for six years, all of those as a member of the Visitor Services Team […]

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1 June 2023

Caring for our collections: Conserving and decanting our butterflies and bugs.

Taking up hundreds of drawers, the Museum’s exceptional collection of insects includes more than 250,000 specimens from across Suffolk, as well as Britain and worldwide. Created patiently by prominent naturalists and entomologists such as William Kirby and Claude Morley (who was also a poet), the collection offers invaluable insight into how Suffolk’s entomological fauna has […]

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16 May 2023

Tending to our textiles: Conversation with textile conservator Anna Peck ACR.

Please introduce yourself in your own words. I’m Anna Peck, a freelance Accredited conservator specialising in the conservation of textiles. What do you do here at Ipswich Museum? As a conservator, I work caring for the museum collections carrying out both preventive and remedial conservation. I have worked with the collections at the Museum for […]

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24 March 2023

Uncovering the museum’s past: Exploring historic colours.

Ipswich Museum has been working with Cliveden Conservation to uncover the original interior paint scheme at Ipswich Museum, to help with assessing what would be the most appropriate colours to use in the colour scheme for the redeveloped museum. ‘Paint scrapes’ were taken from walls, cornices, ceilings, columns, joists, windows, metalwork and timber details in […]

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Get Involved

There will be lots of opportunities to get involved with the Ipswich Museum redevelopment project throughout the process.

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